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Century 21 Port Douglas offer a comprehensive range of permanent rental properties. With rentals our speciality is the locale of Port Douglas. Fixed term tenancy agreements can be negotiated for periods between 3 to 12 months

While it is not possible to list every dwelling, as a rule the following criteria dictate the weekly rental rates in Port Douglas. It may appear that rents are rather high for a small tourist town in comparison to the national average this is largely attributed to the higher demand over supply and a very buoyant employment market.


Generally the nearer the property is to the main street (Macrossan Street) or Four Mile Beach, the higher the rental rate. As is the case in most towns , the central and beach locations are the most popular. We do also see a greater rental rate for property situated “on the hill” that is those with views over Four Mile Beach, the inlet and mountains beyond. Port Douglas presently spreads some 6kms from the town centre and is well serviced by the local bus companies, alternatively many of the locals and permanent resort worker opt for a bicycle – the relatively flat terrain makes this a popular form of getting around.

Facilities and Chattels

Properties are fitted and furnished in varying degrees, although being in the tropics very few are without fans and white goods. Pools are obviously very popular due to the climate and properties with pools and air conditioning attract higher rental returns and higher rates. We encourage our landlords to update furnishings and fittings as appropriate. Century 21 Port Douglas also has a maintenance programme in place, which ensures standards are kept a high level.


Up until 15 years ago Port Douglas was indeed a very sleepy seaside village, since then new developments have exploded and are still in the process of being constructed, consequently there are very few old properties left. There are now many resorts and complexes in Port Douglas however the majority of development has been built with the holidaymaker in mind, which has unfortunately led to a shortage of residential property, thus contributing to the high rental returns.


Generally owners discourage the keeping of pets, which makes property for lease that allows pets very high in demand these properties tend to be houses.

Length of Lease

The term of a contract plays a significant part in deciding the rental price but there are severe penalties attached to the “breaking of a lease”. The lease term will vary throughout the year to ensure vacancy occurs in the high season. In Port Douglas there is plentiful movement of the work force making it impossible to predict availability over anything more than a 7 day period. For this reason we recommend that every effort is made to keep in contact with us up to arrival.

Century 21 Port Douglas offers our owner an excellent service and assure them of certain terms and conditions, which will be adhered to when we consider any application fan any rental in excess of 3 months. Bond: The standard bond is the equivalent to 4 weeks rent and must be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority. In addition two weeks rent is to be paid in advance. Tenants are required to establish that they are of good character, are able to afford the weekly rental and that they are stable so it is necessary to be able to provide genuine references to our property manager when making an application for tenancy. We will complete thorough inspections pre and post tenancies therefore assuring the owner and tenant a full understanding of the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Inspections are also carried out 6 weeks into the new tenancy and every 3 months subsequently

More Information

For more information pertaining to the mechanics of renting property in Queensland see the Letting Process or contact the Century 21 Port Douglas Property Manager on 07 4099 4099.

Port Douglas Real Estate