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Maximum Returns

At Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) we understand that importance of maximising the return on your investment property. Our Property Management team is experienced, professional and dedicated to ensuring you our client receive the best service.

Our Commitment

The Century 21 At Port Property Management team commitment to the owners:

  1. Keep You In The Picture: Always ensuring you the client are informed and up to date on all facets relating to your investment property. The Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) Property Management Team has procedures in place that enables a high level of regular communication with owners.

  2. Safeguard Your Investment Return: With a strong emphasis on the collection of rent and rental arrears checked on a daily basis, tenants not meeting with their payment obligations are dealt with swiftly and under the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act.

  3. Capitalising on Your Property Value: The Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) Property Management team is very conscious of the seasonal fluctuation in Port Douglas from peak season to low season. Regular rental reviews guarantee that your income is maximised in line with the local market trend and influx of population during peak season. Consequently during the low season we attempt to ensure your investment property does not remain empty, and at all times attempting to improve the capital growth of your asset.

  4. Tenancy Application Procedure: Very strict guidelines are implemented by the Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) Property Management Team when processing a prospective tenant application. All tenants are subject to in depth questions in relation to rental history. Employment and financial position are confirmed, and 100 points of identification is essential and numerous phone verifications are established prior to the approval of a prospective tenant.

  5. Entry and Exit Condition Report: It is our policy at Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) to complete a comprehensive property condition report at the commencement of each tenancy and at the completion of each tenancy. Attention to detail is the key with both the internal and external of the property inspected, documented and photographed. This guarantees complete clarity especially at the end of a tenancy with the finalisation of the bond.

  6. Regular Inspections: Every property managed by the Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) Property Management team is subject to a 3 monthly scheduled routine inspection. Our office systems are designed according to a calendar basis and an alert message signals the due date for each individual property’s scheduled inspection. This therefore guarantees that no property falls through a loophole and that you the client can be informed of any maintenance required. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure the tenants are keeping the property to the required standard.

  7. Maintenance Procedure: As outlined in our Management Agreement all owners are immediately alerted to any maintenance issues requiring attention over and above the designated dollar value. In the event of an emergency, all tenants have our office and after hours contact phone numbers in addition to a list of emergency tradespeople who will report directly to us with all details of a problem.

  8. Promotion Of Your Property: The Property Management team at Century 21 At Port (Port Douglas) ensures that every vacant property is advertised in the local paper, on our PROPERTIES FOR LEASE list which is available from our office, and on the internet. A thorough understanding of local market goes a long way and guarantees that all available properties are leased at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. This means the most cost effective manner is employed in presenting your property to the largest possible audience.

  9. Complete Professionalism: Our staff receive regular in-house training and external training which makes sure we are aware of any legislative changes and industry trends.

  10. Going The Extra Mile: Century 21 At Port prides itself on its professional friendly staff constantly striving to extend and improve our level of service primarily to you Our Client. We realize we are in the people business and we are a service industry doing everything possible to provide our clients and customers alike with the most exceptional service.

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